Please note that we do have BEE hives on our property here at the Trust

Please check the calendar below if you are a dentist or hygienist that

would be interesting in volunteering 

Come Make a Difference

Are you a Dentist or Hygienist?  We would love to have you come and spend some time here with us at the Trust providing care. 

If you are a local dentist we will need a copy of your license 

If you are a dentist from outside of Kenya you are required to obtain a temporary license for hear in Kenya which currently costs USD200 and is good for 1 month. You will need to mail or scan copies of your:
A. Passport
B. Passport Picture
C. Certified copies of academics and certificates
D. Evidence of passing councils pre- registration examination/peer review certificate
E. Certificate/License to Practice
F. Certificate of Good Conduct - Police Report
G. Resume / CV

Care given at the clinic will be provided free.

Our goal is to have a supplies donated on a regular basis thus enabling us not to charge for care. Volunteers will be given a small list of items needed to help us keep supplies stocked.

The clinic has a small guestroom in it - fully furnished.  Families, couples, friends are all welcome - and while here, you just might enjoy a few days safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve - its a big part of the experience.



Located in Sekenani on the edge of the

Maasai Mara National Reserve

We as a Trust are forever grateful to

Dr. Robin Steely, DDS and his wife Adell

for creating the opportunity for the Trust to have

a Dental Clinic and provide care to all. 

It is because of their dream & passion to make

a difference for others that we and those around

us were given this opportunity.

They have truly given a gift that

lasts a life time.


Dr. Enock Rotich Dentist -

Ph# +254 707482242

Co-Founder/Director of The Olmalaika Trust

and Dental Administrator/Coordinator

Kim DeWitt

US: 989.413.3364

Kenya: +254 713 010092