Please note that we do have BEE hives on our property here at the Trust

We are currently raising funds to purchase supplies and equipment for the clinic. 

Please check the calendar below if you are a dentist or hygienist that

would be interesting in volunteering 

Come Make a Difference

Once we are registered as an "official" Dental Clinic we will be needing volunteer dentists and/or hygienists to come and spend a few days, a week or even more here at the Trust and providing care to the community.

If you are a dentist, you need to mail or scan copies of your:
A. Passport
B. Passport Picture
C. Certified copies of academics and certificates
D. Evidence of passing councils pre- registration examination/peer review certificate
E. Certificate/License to Practice
F. Certificate of Good Conduct - Police Report
G. Resume / CV
(NOTE: Kenya requires us to obtain a license for you to provide care while there and requires the above information and it currently costs US200 or 20,000/- ksh

Care given at the clinic will be provided free.

Our goal is to have a supplies donated on a regular basis thus enabling us not to charge for care. Volunteers will be given a small list of items needed to help us keep supplies stocked.

The clinic has a small guestroom in it - fully furnished.  Families, couples, friends are all welcome - and while here, you just might enjoy a few days safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve - its a big part of the experience.



Located in Sekenani on the edge of the

Maasai Mara National Reserve

We as a Trust are forever grateful to

Dr. Robin Steely, DDS and his wife Adell

for creating the opportunity for the Trust to have

a Dental Clinic and provide care to all. 

It is because of their dream & passion to make

a difference for others that we and those around

us were given this opportunity.

They have truly given a gift that

lasts a life time.


Dr. Enock Rotich Dentist -

Ph# +254 707482242

Co-Founder/Director of The Olmalaika Trust

and Dental Administrator/Coordinator

Kim DeWitt

US: 989.413.3364

Kenya: +254 713 010092