Considering visiting the Olmalaika Trust? 

Below you can check on what dates

might possibly be open


for Volunteers/Donors/Sponsors

The "Little" Olmalaika

For Donors/Sponsors Only

Fully furnished Home

2 bedrooms

*Sleeps 6 people

Kitchen, Dining & Sitting Room

1 washroom


Private fenced in yard

*Self catering option

Permanent Tent

2 beds - bedding & towels

Chest of Drawers & Vanity

Small solar lantern 


Bottled Water

Folding Chairs

Outdoor fireplace

2 Hammocks

Walk to the washrooms

Dome 3 Person Tents


Folding Stool

*Outdoor fireplace


*At some sites

*Walk to the washrooms

Camp Area

4 washrooms with sink, toilet and shower

Clothes lines 

Outdoor large sinks

Olmalaika Home

Volleyball & Basketball courts

Meals are available


*Our entire 4 acres has a wall around with electric wires at the top. The gates are kept locked.

We are a TRUST not a business and we believe in supporting the community around us - there are no charges for lodging and/or visits  - a donation will never be turned down.

The "Little" Olmalaika is available for donors/sponsors who are just coming for a couple of days.

The Permanent Tent is available for those wanting to stay 4 days or more (max 21 days)

The Dome 3 Person Tents are available as needed

Please call ahead of simply stopping by for a visit

To book lodging email: