Please note that we do have BEE hives on our property here at the Trust

Considering visiting the Olmalaika Trust? 

Below you can check on what dates

might possibly be open

*If the dates you are interested in are taken - check with us to BE SURE as sometimes plans change or the bookings are not confirmed


for Volunteers/Donors/Sponsors

The "Little" Olmalaika

For Donors/Sponsors Only

Fully furnished Home

2 bedrooms

*Sleeps 5 people

Kitchen, Dining & Sitting Room

1 washroom


Private fenced in yard

*Self catering

Permanent Tent

2 beds - bedding & towels

Chest of Drawers & Vanity

Small solar lantern 


Folding Chairs

Outdoor fireplace

2 Hammocks

Walk to the washrooms

Dome 3 Person Tents


Folding Stool

*Outdoor fireplace


*At some sites

*Walk to the washrooms

Camp Area

4 washrooms with sink, toilet and shower

Clothes lines 

Outdoor large sinks

Olmalaika Home

Volleyball & Basketball courts


*Our entire 4 acres has a wall around with electric wires at the top. The gates are kept locked.

We are a TRUST not a business and we believe in supporting the community around us - there are no charges for lodging and/or visits  - and a donation will never be turned down.

The "Little" Olmalaika is available for donors/sponsors who are just coming for a couple of days.

The Permanent Tent is available for those wanting to stay 4 days or more (max 21 days)

The Dome 3 Person Tents are available as needed

Please call ahead when simply stopping by for a visit

To book lodging email:

Volunteer Brochure
updated July 22, 2023