Please note that we do have BEE hives on our property here at the Trust

"My brother was getting married and where I live it is part of our culture to give dowry to the family of your "wife-to-be". 

 He had nothing to give them so I became the "dowry" 

I was only 7 years old"


"I have six siblings and my mother is a widow.  I was only 5 when my family made the decision to circumcise (FGM) me and had already paid the dowry

to by husband-to-be." 

"I was a newborn and I was placed naked in an old sugar bag, my hand tied around my neck and then they dropped me into a pit toilet. Being in the bag is what kept me alive until someone heard my cries"

"I was 8 years old when I was circumcised (FGM) and then married to a man in his 60's.

At night he would try to have intercourse with me, but I was too small so he would use a stick to try to make me bigger. 

When I could I would run away so he would tie me to trees and posts at night if he was not around so I could not leave."

"I was to be married off to a 58 year old man in Tanzania. On the day of my wedding I started screaming and a passer-by picked put me on their motorbike and took me to safety then contacted the chief.

I feel rejected by my father, mother and older brothers for accepting the 58 year old man to marry me. 

Because of the Olmalaika Home I am now getting my education"

"When I came to the Olmalaika Home a few years ago, I was being married to a 32 year old man - the police showed up and interrupted the ceremony, arrested her father and took me to the children’s office in Narok. 

The officer contacted Mum Kim at the home and now  I am going to school."

"I am just five years old and two men in my family raped me and sexually molested me then gave me a piece of candy."

I was raised in Kenya - and when I was around 7 years old

we were walking in the hills around Kilgoris.

We came upon a boma (a group of Maasai homes) where

a "celebration" was going on. They ladies took my hand

and lead me into the center of the activities. I was

separated from my family for almost an hour and when

they brought me back, they had painted my face like all

the other young girls

We had unknowingly had stepped into the "celebration" of a circumcision (female genital mutilation - FGM).  My life has now come full circle- kim

"FOSTER" an Angel

Friendship, Opportunity, Share, Teach, Encourage, Reflect

"I was going to school but then during the holiday I was married off. My teacher reported that I was missing and the local Chief and Assistant District Officer came looking for me.

It took them a while, but they found me and now I am at the Olmalaika Home and am able to attend school and be safe."

"I will only a day or two old when a lady

walking by heard my cries from in the ground - I had been buried alive.  She ran for help and the police and local clinic workers got me out. I was taken to a District Hospital.

I had to be admitted for about 10 days and then Mum Kim came and picked me up and took me home."

I was just a newborn and someone found me in a pile or rubbish. My umbilical cord was infected so I stayed  in hospital for a few days. When the doctor said I could leave I was taken to the Olmalaika Home."

“If you would like to ‘foster’ a child at

The Olmalaika Trust.

Your funds will ensure ALL the children/babies have what they need, and you will receive photos of the one you choose and be able to write them.


“Fostering” enables all the children at THE OLMALAIKA TRUST to begin healing and attend school. You will receive photos and updates about the child you choose and will be able to write letters to them.

If you would like to ‘foster’ a child, you can choose from three different tiers

Tier 1 ($25/month)
Tier 2 ($50/month)
Tier 3 ($100/month)

A ‘foster 'commitment runs from January to December and can be renewed at the end of each year.

Mail your letters to:

Scan to our email:

The Olmalaika Trust
8712 N. Ridge Ave, Berrien Springs MI 49103

The Olmalaika Trust
PO Box 50501-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
No packages or financial gifts/donations should be sent directly to Kenya

• A personal letter - keep it simple. The key is to encourage them to do their best.
• Printing is better than cursive.
• Pictures of yourselves, family, pets etc…
• Do not include contact info: surname, email, mailing address or phone number
• Please do not send money to the child.
Please know that you are NOT obligated to send a letter! Just the fact that you are helping
to provide for their education is more than enough!

How to give:

Option A: (501(c)3 in the US)
Write your check(s) to THE OLMALAIKA
Earmark it THE OLMALAIKA “Fostering”
Mail to:
8712 N Ridge Ave
Berrien Springs MI 49103

Option B:

Use a credit card via paypal on our

Thank you for enabling lives to be changed!

"I am a newborn and was left in the bushes cause - but was found and taken to the hospital - I was one of the few lucky ones that are found alive"