"May the seeds you plant 

today be the flowers

that bloom tomorrow"

We're MOVING and re-blossoming

in our very own

"shamba" (garden/land) 

We have purchased 4 acres on the

side of the hills in Sekenani -

the edge of the

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The move includes:

4 acres of land

Legal fees


Security wall/Gate

Director's Home/Guesthouse

"Little Olmalaika"

Girl's Home

"The Olmalaika Home"

The Olmalaika Dental Clinic


Volunteers Campsite/Washrooms

The estimated cost:


Here's how you can help:

Donate Online

Write a check to

Global Village Ministries

 mail it to:

Global Village Ministries

8712 N Ridge Ave,

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Donate in Kenya via mpesa

paybill #982800

*Global Village Ministries is a

501(c)3 in the US that supports the Olmalaika Trust by providing

funding and awareness of

FGM and Child Marriage



We are just $14,500 away from the goal of $260,000 for the Re-Blossoming of the girl's home.

The new Olmalaika Home  will have toilets and showers that are connected to  the home so the girls do not have to go out side to another building for washrooms. There are lots of great additions to the new home.

The Olmalaika Dental Clinic will provide free care to all - and it will enable the older girls to learn dental assisting, sterilization procedures and reception duties. Thus picking up some future job skills.

The "little" Olmalaika and Campsite with washrooms gives volunteers places to stay while here making a difference.

The Shamba (garden) enables us to grow all our own vegetables and fruits while teaching the girls about agriculture.

The Security Wall/Gate enables us to keep everyone safe plus keep the elephants and other four legged creatures out of our garden.

So many of you have stepped forward and given sacrificially to make this possible. We are so grateful to each of you, an excited to be so close to completion of the fundraising for this important step at the Olmalaika Trust.

We are especially excited to tell you that we have a matching opportunity right now:

A donor has offered to match up to US$30,000 - matching 1:1 dollar for the security wall and gate (including the gardeners home and generator room) 

between now and December 31, 2020

That means your gift of $100 provides $200; and a $1000 gift results in $2000.

Please consider stepping forward today to help with the final push to make the new home for the girls a reality. Your gift makes such a difference for each one of our precious girls

Thank you! We are so very grateful!