The mission of THE OLMALAIKA HOME is to house and protect young girls who have experienced trauma and are

in need of a warm, nurturing and loving environment; guiding them to see themselves as persons 

of value through God's eyes; fostering respect and appreciation for their peers, teachers,

leaders, and culture, inspiring them to be a generation of educated,

productive, respected and valuable young women.

Are you wanting to make a difference? 

Is your family going on a safari and wanting to

impact the lives of others?

The Olmalaika Trust offers  all sorts of opportunities for volunteers to provide medical/dental care, teach/tutor, experience new cultures and traditions, see amazing wildlife and more.

And you can stay right here with us!

Our Dream

End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) & childhood marriage, enable healing and create opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Our Values

Show kindness and compassion, promote education and growth, respect and protect the environment, and foster healthy relationships.

Our Passion 

To advocate for those in need.

 THE OLMALAIKA TRUST is registered in Kenya.

We as trustees believe in the importance of education and doing our part to enable lives to be changed for the better.

Our funding has come primarily thru monies raised via Global Village Ministries which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) registered in the United States. We will be forever grateful to them for all they have done.  We are now a Registered TRUST in Kenya and have set up our own accounts in the US, called THE OLMALAIKA.



The building portion is completed and now we are

raising the funds to provide the equipment needed.

USD $15,000


Have volunteer Dentists and/or Hygienists 

beginning mid Nov - 2021


We are in Narok County which covers an area approximately 17,921 km² and has a population of 1.158 million people - no where in our county is there a place for abandoned infants until now.....

We work closely with the District Childrens Office and transformed one of our rooms in the girls home into a very special room called "The Nursery" where we now can take in abandoned infants and provide a loving and safe environment for them.   Please consider "Adopting THE NURSERY"