Please note that we do have BEE hives on our property here at the Trust

~ Adopt "THE NURSERY" -

US$15 per month (US$180 per year)

 "Adoption" enables us to provide income to 3 staff mum's who bathe, dress, feed, love,

play, sing, rock babies and kiss them good night - 24 hours a day.

It also helps us to purchase formula, bottles, diapers/wipes, blankets, clothing and more.

You will be able to choose a baby to "follow" and we will send you will receive monthly updates that share the milestones in their little lives and pictures.

We accept gently used baby items & clothing.

Volunteers are always welcome - please note there are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled beforehand.

Financial donations can be given

- Online via PayPal

- Check written to:


- Mail to:  8712 N. Ridge Ave. Berrien Springs, MI 49103 USA

- Mpesa in Kenya

- The Olmalaika Trust account at NCBA


Call: 0713 010092