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Orisel Gonzalez, MD , FACOG

I am an OBGYN and have been visiting the Olmalaika Home since 2015. As a woman’s doctor I have identified with the work being done in the Olmalaika Home, protecting young girls from FGM and childhood marriage.

Education is the best tool for empowering girls.

The work in the O Home not only opens doors and changes the lives of the girls, but also impacts their families and their communities in a positive way. The Olmalaika Trust is a light for change and I am amazed every day by the work they do.

Orisel is from Puerto Rico and has traveled with Kim & Kamunge several times to Kenya. If you would like to contact her about the Trust or trips

EMAIL: lesiro@aol.com

Rick Beckermeyer DDS 

 In 1995 I graduated from Indiana University/Purdue University Dental School. God was and is faithful and as a commitment I donate time yearly to short term mission work where I can use the dental talents God has given for His work. My wife and I have continued in His service within the confinements of health restrictions.

To God be the glory, great things He has done..

Dr Rick has traveled with Kim & Kamunge for years on the GVM Mission Trips.

If you would like to contact him about the trips or Trust please

Email: rickandcindybeckermeyer@gmail.com

Erika Bálint M.D., Ph. D.

I'm a medical doctor teaching human anatomy to med.students at University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical School, Dept.of Anatomy.

My first trip with Kim was in 2015, since then I try to go back every year. I'm also a member of the International Soroptimist community, our main goal is helping and empowering women and girls.

The Olmalaika Trust is a great place and an opportunity for the girls in many ways. I truly admire all the great work and effort Kim puts into the Olmalaika Trust, helping her in any way is a great privilege for me.

Incase you have any questions about the Trust or traveling to Kenya you can reach Erika at:


Email: dr.erikabalint@hotmail.com

Nenette  Sequeira

BS in Elementary Education and French. MAT in Literacy Instruction

Chris Sequeira 

BS in Elementary Education and Endorsements in High School Math, Health/PE. Master of Arts (MAT) in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in History.

We are honored to be a part of The Olmalaika Trust family.

Kim and I both grew up on the same compound in Kenya as both our parents were missionaries in Nairobi, my Kenyan roots grow deep. As educators in Oregon, USA, Nenette and I are privileged to be connected to the Olmalaika home. We love supporting the girls with their academic learning via zoom and living.

As a family we have been on several life changing mission trips to the Olmalaika Trust. We are excited to see these amazing young girls grow and flourish.

Please contact us at cksequeira@yahoo.com or nanigoat6@yahoo.com with any questions, comments or donations.

Dr. Sugar Singleton MD

In addition to being a practicing medical doctor and a loving mother, Dr. Sugar is a best-selling author, international speaker, and cellular memory expert who is a powerful advocate and resource for women and their well-being.
An exhilarating and inspiring speaker and presenter, Dr. Sugar takes women on a journey of discovery to reach their highest potential. Dr. Sugar has conducted regular cellular release experiences with women from all over the world and helps them gain clarity about the causes of their subconscious blocks and helps women release those blocks by giving them tools for permanent transformation on a deep cellular level. Dr. Sugar graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 2003 and completed her residency in 2006, specializing in Family Medicine. After completing her residency, Dr. Sugar chose a career at a high-volume Urgent Care Center in rural New Mexico, functioning as a satellite Emergency Room. She also has a very busy medical practice focusing on wellness, prevention and positive results .Dr. Sugar is a lifetime member of the prestigious medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha; She served as Chief Resident at UNM Hospital; she is board certified in Family Medicine and has served as Vice-President of the American Academy of Family Physicians, NM.

What’s unique about Dr. Sugar is that she has a love for true healing as opposed to only following traditional medical practices that just treat disease and its symptoms. Following her heart, she has dedicated her life to being a healer. Dr. Sugar and her family live in the Land of Enchantment. They enjoy skiing, scuba diving, and traveling to experience diversity and new cultures.Dr. Sugar began her journey with the Olmalaika Trust in the spring of 2017 when she made the journey to Kenya for a medical mission trip. She immediately fell in love with the Kenyan people, their joy, their smiles, and their hearts. Dr. Singleton also developed a deep appreciation for Kim DeWitt and the work she does with the girls at the Olmalaika Home. She easily connected with the core values of the program and the recognized the opportunity of education, safety, growth, and love that the Olmalaika Home provides to the beautiful young ladies of the Maasai Mara and surrounding areas. When the new Olmalaika Home was built, Dr. Sugar wanted to continue the gift of education in between her visits, so she funded the library and computer room. Planning her fourth visit to Kenya, Dr. Sugar is committed to bringing other talents and support from across the world to the doorstep of the Olmalaika Trust.

Contact:  www.sugarsingleton.com

Jazmine Sequeira RN

I first fell in love with Kenya in high school when I visited for the first time on a medical trip with Kim. The trip ignited a passion in me for people and inspired me to become a nurse. I have since traveled and volunteered in Kenya twice more.

I fell in love with the girls at The Olmalaika Trust the first time I visited as well. I have a very real desire to help the girls succeed and was able to tutor them in math. I currently resides in Oregon with my dog, Bash.  You can email me at: jazmine.sequeira@yahoo.com

 Gwenyth Davis Retired RN

I am a retired nurse living in Australia, who worked in Kenya from 1965 to 1976. This was when I met Kiki (Kim) and her family and became special friends with her mother.

I had followed Kim's journey and when I found out that she was doing Medical trips to Kenya I decided to participate in one with my friend. In 2013 we went on the February trip that she lead out in with Global Village Ministries and while in Kenya I and my friend traveled back to where I had worked. In this trip I saw the vision for the Olmalaika Home now Trust that Kim had. We stopped and met the first group of girls to move in and since then I have been sponsoring one of them. Our church is also helping to sponsor another girl.

I planned to go back the following year in June/ July, but broke my arm so could not. However I went back in July 2015 and saw the home that had been built and stayed in it for 3 days with the girls. Great memories. Since then I have followed closely what has happened and love the new home and all that Kim and Kamunge are doing. I would love to return and help out but am getting too old so am hoping that somehow I can help her on the Advisory Council.

Please contact me if you would like me to answer any questions you have.

EMAIL: gwenyth@westnet.com.au or message me on Facebook.